Very Real Potty Training Dilemmas SOLVED

Potty training doesn't have to be stressful or difficult! Here are some great tips on how to get your child into a wonderful relationship with the porcelain throne in no time at all:


Opt for Naked Time:

If you let your children run around sans pants or underwear, when nature calls they will have nowhere to put it! This will force your child to be open to the idea of trying to real potty. Make sure that when he finishes his business he actually (yuck) looks at it, and has the honour of flushing it down the toilet himself. Seeing it reinforces the act, and flushing will help him feel proud of his accomplishment.

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Reward Systems:

Ah, the prestigious "potty prize". You can make prizes anything you want, from stickers to M&Ms to homemade art projects. Prizes create a good incentive for your kids to keep their good potty habits up! You can even amp up the prizes for specific milestones such as going a week waking up with dry undies or going a full day using the big potty. 

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Cut Back on Before-Bedtime Liquids:

One easy way of helping your little one master control over their bladder is by decreasing the amount of juice/water/other liquids they consumer before bedtime. This will help stop accidents in the middle of the night, and help move one step closer to switching out pull-ups for regular undies at bedtime. 

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Enforce a Schedule

When you notice your child is at the proper potty-training stage, figure out when the best times to visit the potty are and stick to that schedule. Does your child usually go before nap time or after dinner? Stick to that schedule and make sure she uses her personal potty at each of those times. A schedule will also help regulate her bladder, and pull her into a seamless routine, make training that much easier and stress-free. 

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Be flexible, but remain consistent

Potty training is a process with many up and downs. Sometimes your child will be happy to sit and do his business on the toilet, other times he will show zero interest and opt for an accident instead. In the second case, the best thing is not to scold or pressure him. Instead, make a point of always offering the toilet when he needs to go. Sometimes he will gladly abide, others he may be more hesitant. In the long run, he will learn to enjoy the control (and the dryness!) of using the potty, and his use of the potty will eventually outweigh his opting out. 

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Good Luck! 

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